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"I am continually amazed at how much a person can enrich their life by utilizing the teachings and theories of GOD-DESS. Bret is a master on how to eat well, travel far, and minimize the insanities of daily life - all on a shoestring budget."
-- Kari Dabrowski, Glen Ellyn, IL

"As a wife, mother and someone who works part-time, I find the simplicity of Bret's recipes to be particularly helpful. He's a fountain of information on many topics and a great resource!"
-- Marianne Byrne, Chicago, IL

"I recently attended one of Bret's public lectures, about seasonal ingredients, simple technique and nutritional cooking ... and he had samples! Witty, charming, enlightening and delicious! Bret's presentation left everyone hanging around like guests who didn't want to go home yet."
-- L. McKay, Springfield, MO

"I have had the good fortune to have Bret arrange travel plans for me. If you are an independent traveler who does not like package tours and who likes any combination of art, antiques, archaeology, gardens, nature, wine, good food, and out-of-the-way places, lovely and reasonably priced B&Bs and hotels, and a well-paced itinerary, he is the person to have make your travel plans. For me, he makes the travel plan I would make if I only had the time and he finds wonderful surprises I would probably miss. He will take your tastes and desires into consideration and do this cheerfully and on time. He is a perfect travel planner."
-- Dr. Beverly Rathcke, Ann Arbor, MI

"Bret has the unique ability to express topics in a positive, synchronized fashion. His knowledge in the areas of nutrition, cooking and wine is truly amazing! And what is the most impressive, is the way Bret educates on how one can bring all these ‘good things’ into our own lives."
-- Marcella Grigaliunas, Riverside, IL

"I have been fortunate enough to experience many of Bret's wonderful recipes. I appreciate the way he adds complexity to simple dishes by adding only one or two easy ingredients, or the way he takes traditional recipes and adds a twist to create a refined version of an old favorite. Simply put: Bret's food is delicious!"
-- Susan Otter, Chicago, IL

"Bret is an accomplished professional who approaches each situation and challenge with an academic, process-oriented approach and critical analysis. His varied interests, academically, professionally and personally, bring a rich perspective to each opportunity. His ability to analyze a situation both within and outside of the traditional boundaries of logic provides a fresh and unique perspective. Bret's honed social skills, either presenting to an audience of professionals, or individually interacting with colleagues, friends and peers, gives him a unique advantage in expressing his ideas and theories. He can boil down complex theories for explanation to those outside of an issue, and bring excitement and interest to the subject."
--Tom Stautzenbach, Rosemont, IL

"You couldn't ask for anyone to take more of a personal interest in what you need than Bret. His attention to detail and care for any project he takes on is always evident and is a complement to his reliability."
-- Peggy Sloyan, LaGrange Park, IL

“As a fully trained chef and owner of one of Chicago’s leading catering companies [editor's note: Martini Moon Catering, 773.989.0016], I can attest to Bret’s knowledge of food, cooking and entertaining. His insights towards what makes certain foods delectable and flavorful go way beyond the dishes themselves, and he’s totally dedicated to creating a variety of presentations and sensations for any social event, which guarantees a wonderful time for all!”
-- Cassandra Beltrons, Chicago, IL

“I've used Bret's organizational, streamlining and managerial skills, and right now, his decor knowledge, emphasizing psychology, seems particularly useful in real estate sales. Whether it's consultations with newly listed sellers, or preparation for an open house, or helping new buyers looking for decor guidance, Bret can make a difference!"
-- Bonnie Sweetman, ABR, GRI, Realtor®, Chicago, IL

“I have always liked and made salads but confess that mine were pretty unexciting until Bret showed me how to give them a burst of flavor with a few small additions. By using a few simple rules based on his balance theory of flavors, he can add a taste depth and excitement to any dish. Your mouth will sing."
-- Dr. Beverly Rathcke, Ann Arbor, MI

"Bret is a dynamic speaker with the unusual ability to reach a culturally diverse audience. During one presentation at Babson College, he captivated and connected with a contingent of businessmen from Korea with a talk on successful North American management principles. On another occasion Bret accepted my invitation to speak to a culturally diverse group of adults from Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, and Venezuela in downtown Boston. His clear and insightful comments touched a nerve with the audience; in fact, Bret inspired and fielded lively discussion with the class members, which continued to subsequent class sessions.

Furthermore, Bret is the consummate travel planner! His recent Wisconsin tour plan of homage to Frank Lloyd Wright covered all of the requisite well-known and many unfamiliar sites of Wright in a brief jaunt from Chicago. Due to his usual exhaustive research, thoroughness of arrangements, focus on a good value, and great efficiency, his tour plan encompassed unique sightseeing (often pre-arranged private appointments), fine and adventurous local dining and accommodations, and spectacular nature settings along the way. Any traveler would do well by Bret's experienced recommendations for exciting, inspiring tours on and off ‘the beaten path.’

Additionally, Bret has been a guide to the natural world for my son through books and hands-on observations in nature. I'll never forget my son’s first look at crabs and polychaetes at the beach with him or our visit together to the Aquarium.

Finally, Bret can look in our refrigerator and create a tasty multi-course meal from the food he finds without shopping for more."
-- Carol Carlson, Boston, MA

"Walk into Bret's world, and you will enter an environment of curiosity, stimulation of the senses and the mind, and respect for the earth. I have learned new twists on favorite recipes, my palate has been challenged with more complex foods. I have been surrounded by gentle scents and beautiful objects, gathered from places far and near, in ways accessible to us all. Bret has creativity and techniques that he has shared with me, and can share with anyone, to pull beauty and richness into our lives, in a reasonable and economical manner. Bret's ideas can fit into your kitchen and your decor, in small and large ways. I have enjoyed and learned from his perspective on food, culture, and art."
-- Monica Listokin, Minneapolis, MN

“Bret has a magic touch. I've eaten at some of the better restaurants in the United States, Paris and London, but there is nothing quite like Bret’s home fare and presentation. In-season delights treated with utmost care. I think he breaks the laws of physics. In a matter of minutes, because ‘quick and easy’ is a must, heaven appears on a plate, enhanced by a setting that is serene, beautiful, and completely comfortable. I have even successfully used some of his recipes on my very picky children. This man knows what he is doing!!”
-- Lynne Hazelip, Creve Coeur, MO

"’Maintaining balance in your life’...a catchy buzz phrase these days. Exposure to Bret and GOD-DESS has helped me keep things balanced. I have found Bret's outlook on life, food and design to be extremely enjoyable and useful to me. It's probably over-simplification, but GOD-DESS has helped me slow down and ‘smell the roses’."
-- Jack Thompson, Chicago, IL

“I have stayed on several occasions with Bret at his home, Casa Beall, so I know he walks his talk. Bret is a remarkable host in several ways:

  • He is a kind and thoughtful host, sensitive to the needs of guests;
  • He is a stimulating conversationalist as well as an excellent listener;
  • He is generous with his food and wine—and everything he offers is delicious and interesting to the palate;
  • His knowledge of food and wine is shared without snobbery or a sense of superiority;
  • His knowledge goes beyond food and drink into a multiplicity of areas, which adds to the rich integration that characterizes GOD-DESS;
  • Bret is genuine in his likes and in his sharing spirit;
  • He is open always to new knowledge and to learning.
Bret gave a presentation last Autumn on harvest foods at the Springfield-Greene County Library. It called for considerable preparation, and he was generous with both his time and knowledge. Bret handled everything in his characteristic intelligent, graceful, and genuinely enthusiastic style. He brought handouts as well as recipes and was in his element in sharing his love of tasty, simple-to-prepare food that will stimulate the palate and awake the senses. Bret’s audience was varied in their background and interests and he did an excellent job of responding to everyone’s questions in a way that they could relate to and understand.”
-- Paul Duckworth, Springfield, MO