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Discover What GOD-DESS Can Do For You

I offer a variety of consulting, writing, speaking, and hands-on services for individuals, organizations and companies that will help you, your family, or your staff live fantastic lives with a minimal investment of time, effort or money.

Everything that I do is customized and personalized for your unique situation! If you don’t have the time to read and synthesize hundreds of thousands of text pages or to do your own research, let me help you! I’ve already done this synthesis!

My services are available as:

  1. One-on-one personal/familial consultation format.
  2. Presentations to small groups.
  3. Lecture to a large group.
  4. Articles for your publications.
  5. Demonstrations in your home/facility.
  6. Hand-On assistance with fixing your existing problems and setting up solutions for long-term functioning.

I offer services in five primary areas:

  1. Cooking, Food and Entertaining
  2. Home Décor - The Senses of Living®
  3. Indoor Gardening
  4. Daily Lifestyle Management
  5. Travel Planning

Please call me at 773.508.9208 or e-mail me to discuss how I may help you.