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Learn the Purpose and Philosophy of GOD-DESS

The Purpose

GOD-DESS is a multifaceted company that provides individuals with the tools to lead better, more fulfilling lives with a minimal investment of time, money and effort.

Bret S. Beall, CEO of GOD-DESS, has synthesized his own research and experience with hundreds of thousands of pages of research by others to bring evidence-based and data-supported recommendations to you.

By streamlining basic activities, more time and energy will become available to satisfy one’s personal needs, desires and dreams.

By identifying (using scientific methodology) those aspects of the world around us that will impact us positively and negatively, we can make individual choices that will enhance our own lives each day.

By recognizing our connectedness to the entire world, we can help enhance the lives of others.

What does GOD-DESS mean? Learn the philosophy of GOD-DESS.

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